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Surfing Village

Uncrowded, land based adventure to the remote Telo islands.

Surfing Village is a unique 'back to the roots' surfing experience, based in the wave-rich Telos area. This trip is perfect for those wanting that special combination of uncrowded quality waves, adventure, remoteness and community, along with a level of comfort needed to surf at your best.


With more than a 100 islands located between the Mentawais and Nias, the Telos Islands offer an impressive and consistent range of uncrowded lefts and rights without the crowds.

In the SOUTHERN AREA, where Surfing Village is located, there are around a dozen waves within a 20 minute boat trip, covering most swell and wind conditions including 3 rights along the point right in front of the accommodation. Access to these is included in the package. There are another 3 waves a little more than an hour away.

The extensive range of waves in this area provides something for everyone, ranging from heavy, fast and hollow pits to mellow peaks with very long to quite short waves and everything in between, including beach breaks. This package is more suited to the intermediate to advanced surfer, but there are waves for beginners as well.
In the NORTHERN AREA, where Telo Surf Villa is located, here are some of the waves:

Telo Surf Villa is situated on a world class right hander and left hander. Close by is a mix of world class right and left handers which cater for novice surfers up to the very experienced.  All surf breaks central to Telo Surf Villa, located right at our door and from 10 to 50 minutes by our speed boat.

Hill Bus Station (Rangas)- Our home break, at your door step. No boat needed. This right hand square barrel winds off before spitting you out into the channel. Suitable for all surfers up to four feet.

Jango - A down the line wave that is suited for the experienced tube hunters. Again no boat needed, minutes from Telo Surf Villa.

Legi - A fun peak for all levels. Again no boat needed, minutes from Telo Surf Villa.

Suling - A short intense left that is not for the faint hearted. Experienced surfers.

Varios- This left is a favorite for those who surf it, take offs from the ledge provide dividends. A high performance wave for intermediate to experienced.

Out There's- This right can hold all swell thrown at it and on its day, it throws barrel sections and blank walls that will turn your legs to jelly

OTHERS- Pinnacles, Churches, Mischos, School Yards, Le Ba, The E.R, Dislocators and Wedges to name a few.