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Rote & Sumba

Sri Noa Noa - Rote

From USD 1600 pp for 10 nights

Exclusive small group charter to the beautiful island of Rote. Quality, consistent surf.

Sri Noa Noa-Rote to Sumba

From USD 1830 pp for 10 nights

Surf Sumba and Rote on the classic schooner Sri Noa Noa. For die-hard surf adventurers, this unique charter offers excellent and frequently empty waves, both lefts and rights, excellent fishing and amazing culture. For exclusive groups of 4-6.


This is an epic charter covering some very remote surf spots in the eastern end of the archipelago.

Starting in Kupang, you will spend a few days around Rote before heading westward to the beautiful islands Sawu and Raijua, which have classic surf on the right conditions.

From Raijua the journey continues westward to Sumba. This area have very consistent surf and still offers empty lineups.

There are a variety of lefts and rights to suit the intermediate - experienced surfers and anyone who wants to get away from the crowds.