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South Sumatra

Ombak Indah Resort

The place to stay in South Sumatra with stunning views of the break.

Located directly in front of Ujung Bocor, the best wave in the area, Ombak Indah Resort has the well earned reputation of being the place to stay in this area.

Damai Bungalows

From AU$725 pp for 12 Nights

Perfect base to explore the surf Sumatra's southern coast has to offer.


Freeline pioneered this area in 1993 and has operated tours each year since. Nev Hines was the guide, we stayed in the local town of Krui and drove each day to the various breaks in the area, depending on swell conditions. It was hard core travel.  

Today you have the relative luxury and convenience of being based for the duration of the tour at either 'Ombak Indah Losmen' or 'Damai Bungalows'. Both these Sumatra surf camps are situated right in front of 'Ujung Bocor, the longest, most consistent wave in the area. This left-hander handles most swells and offers something for everyone. There are about 10 quality waves in this beautiful area, that is often compared to how Bali was 30 years ago.  

See more about the this beautiful, wave rich are in this video.


BEST TIME TO TRAVEL - March to November when the swell is bigger and more consistent.  However there are waves all year round. 

ABOUT THE SURF (listed from south to north):
Way Jambu - Way Jambu (Sumatran Pipeline) is a long, powerful left reef break for experienced surfers.  Best on high tides it can offer barrels of a lifetime.

Ujung Bocor - located right in front of you accommodation, it's the longest and most consistent wave in the area. Works on all tides, suited to intermediate to advanced surfers.
Osamas - These beach breaks is an ideal learner wave and conveniently close to the camp.

Mandiri - This quality beach break is a 20 minute drive from Ujung Bocor.  Best early morning when swell is not too big.
The Peak - A short, hollow peak that offers a perfect barrel.

Krui Left & Right - Both these waves need swell to be at their best.  The left is a quality bowly left hander to suit all abilities. At the other end of the beach, Krui Right is a superb right hander, one of the best in the area on it's day.  
Jennys Right - 30 minutes north of Krui, this idyllic right hander breaks about 100 metres, and regularly offers good barrels as well as big open faces. This wave breaks year round, but is offshore more in the low season and picks up plenty of swell.
Honeysmacks - just before Jimmys Point, this wave is short and intense, a favourite of body boarders. Produces heavy sets of perfect waves.

Jimmy's Point - a further 10 minutes north is Jimmy's Point.  The right is fast and hollow, perfect for chargers. A similar deal for the left, but longer and a little more forgiving.

Banana Island - A 40 minute boat ride from Krui, you can try your luck on the long and very fast right or shorter, heavier left.

There are other breaks in the area but you need to get there to find them!