Seasons Greetings from Freeline


Hi everyone,

Firstly a big thanks to all of you who came away with us this year, particularly all our regulars.  2013 turned out to be our best year ever both in terms of the number of customers that travelled with us as well as some exciting developments that have happened which will keep us amped well into the future. We’re especially happy with our new logo and will have a new website online shortly. See stories and pics below for more details.

Although the weather in some areas was a little variable up until about July, overall it was a good season for surf, in particular the later season with swells right up till late November. October again produced possibly the best swell of the year and just pumped. Crowds were pretty similar to last year and some operators even had empty spots, which is a first. Thanks also to all our operators who did a great job in getting everyone to the best waves available.

The ongoing challenge to find ‘uncrowded surf’ is becoming harder, but if you are prepared to travel and have some flexibility with your time, you can certainly get your quota of quality Indo waves and go home completely satisfied, as did most of our customers this year. Surfing Village in the Telos and the Sri Noa Noa trips east of Bali especially rated highly in this regard, as did the months of October and November. Crew are also exploring all the nooks and crannys and new waves are being surfed. Plenty of ‘all time’ and best ever’ sessions were had.

Bookings for 2014 are flowing so if you’re planning an Indo adventure, please get in touch to lock in your dates. In the meantime, have a great festive season and prosperous 2014.

All the best from

Stu & the Freeline Team