Surfing Village Jun 13 Trip Update

Surfing Village Trip, South Telos (June 2013)

Mario form Surfing Village reposts having a great season, particularly towards the end of the year, with some big barrels out the front. The crowd factor was excellent. We another great trip to the Telos in June staying at Surfing Village. Check out the pics below. There were some awesome sessions, in particular sharing the beachies with Tom Curren, Kong, Occy and some charging grommets plus a late avo glass off at Right No.3 with just me, Andrew Witt and Fred out…it’s etched in the memory banks. We sent quite a few groups over this season and all were really happy with their trip.

Surfing Village is booking out quickly so get in early. Cick here Surfing Village – Telos for package info.